A lilac in every garden. . . the world over!

The International Lilac Society (ILS) is a group of people who have a common interest in lilacs. 
  • Do you grow lilacs? 
  • Sell lilacs? 
  • Know the DNA sequence of some lilacs? 
  • Display lilacs for the public? 
  • Or just like the way they look or smell?

If any of this applies to you, you are welcome at ILS! Check out the pages at the top for more information.

  • Meeting reports and convention history page

  • ILS Regions

  • ILS “By-Laws and Guidelines” page

  • "Lilac Names & Registrar page.  Here you can learn about registering lilacs.  You can also find links to both the Registrar's web site and to the "International Register and Checklist of Cultivar Names in the Genus Syringa L. (Oleaceae)"--the annotated list of all official named lilacs.

A Message from the ILS President;

Bonjour Lilac Aficionados; I am Nicole Jordan, president of the International Lilac Society. Born in Bordeaux, France, I came here in 1959 and settled in Virginia with my husband. I joined ILS a long time ago and became a life member. I love lilacs, that goes without saying; we planted them in our four acre garden. Every Spring I waited for the first blooms and went around smelling their sweet perfume and declaring to everyone present, "it smells like France"; Yes, mes amis, it does smell like France in springtime when the hedgerows of my childhood were full of lilacs swaying in the gentle winds and filling the air with their fragrance.  In Virginia lilacs can be found on old plantations, old farms, and old neighborhoods. Often planted next to the house, they have grown tall and the blooms are sparse. They seem forlorn to me but they are survivors and have persevered. Time has passed since the original gardeners planted them and waited with trepidation for those first blooms. We all remember grandmother's lilacs......ah sweet memories; Garden magazines are mentioning lilacs again. Television gardening shows are exulting the qualities of lilacs. People are asking questions and lilac speakers are in demand. We are entering an exciting period and ILS is leading this fantastic revival. Now is the time to become a member. Why should you become a member? Because you want to read about lilacs, learn about lilacs, meet people who know about lilacs, find sources of lilac plants, learn about the newest and best lilacs. I simply wanted to be involved with an organization which promotes lilacs. I'm sure I am not alone in feeling that way. Don't miss the opportunity to join ILS and experience the sweet smelling world of lilacs.                                                                           

Nicole Jordan, President ILS
Nicole can be contacted at NJordan236@aol.com