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Getting started with USA National Phenology Network

USA National Phenology Network's Website

How to get started making observations on your cloned lilac:

1. Learn how to observe. Once you have things set up within

Nature's Notebook, observing is quick and fun! 

2. Create an account in Nature's NotebookAn email address and Internet access are all that are needed. 

3. Observe your plant(s). Collect information on leaf and plant stages, or phenophases. Report observations on as many of these stages as you feel comfortable assessing.

4. Submit your observations. Periodically log into your Nature's Notebook observation deck and transfer your observations from your paper data sheet into the online reporting system. Alternatively, you can log observations directly using the Nature's Notebook Android or iPhone smartphone and tablet apps.

You are also invited to submit observations via Nature’s Notebook on common lilacs as well as over 600 other plants on our list


Thank you for continuing this important legacy!