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Lilac Book on DVD

We are happy to announce the availability of a new Lilac book on DVD, by Zelimir Borzan and Charles Holetich. This will be an important addition to the library of every lilac enthusiast.

Zelimir Borzan and Charles Holetich compiled this DVD, which includes over 2600 lilac photos from their own anthology, in addition to 19 contributors from China, Russia, Netherlands, Hungary, USA, and Canada. Depicted here are 950 different lilac cultivars, species, and botanical varieties, in most cases by 3 photos (a close-up, group inflorescences, and the whole bush.) The long term intention is for this to be a continuous project, to expand and improve upon, and periodically issue an augmented version. (Revenue from this DVD will be used in part to print a Lilac Book with 800 photos initially in the Croatian language.) The text version of the book can be seen in the Croatian segment of this DVD.

This DVD is subdivided into the following chapters: Introduction, Taxonomy, Species, Cultivars and References. Beneath each photo, beside the cultivar name, one will find the group affiliation, name of a hybridizer or the introducer, year of introduction, basic floret structure and color, and the code of the photographer, whose complete postal address or the e-mail address is provided in the Introduction.

Copies of the DVD are available through:

For USA requests:
John Bentley
P.O. Box 269
Salisbury, NH 03268, USA

603-783-6779 cell
603-648-2676 home

For Canadian requests:

Charles Holetich
265-5th Concession Road East
Waterdown, ON L0R 2H1 Canada

For requests from Europe, Asia and Australia:
Zelimir Borzan
Hrastova 43
10040 Zagreb, Croatia

The cost of each DVD is US $25, (less than one penny per photo!)  or CA $26, or €18. Packaging and mailing is included in the price. While in USA or Canada personal cheques may be accepted, the bank issued money order endorsed to the name of the area distributor as listed above is desirable. In Europe, Asia or Australia the bank money order is required. For organization of bank payment transaction via SWIFT, contact the regional distributor.

If you have on hand a missing photo of a close-up, group of inflorescences or a whole bush, please mail them to Charles Holetich, 265-5th Concession Road East, Waterdown, Ontario L0R 2H1, Canada, or in case of a small amount, e-mail them to