Regions and VP

A lilac in every garden. . . the world over!

The International Lilac Society has membership regions.  Regions may hold their own events to promote lilacs.  Each region has a regional vice president to assist with questions, issues, and to be a point of contact for each member. 

Maps of the regions and points of contact for each of them are shown below.

International Lilac Society United States Regions Map
(click on map for a larger version) 

Purple:               New England Region      Regional VP: Jack Alexander,

Pink:                   Atlantic Region               Regional VP: Ted Collins
Blue:                   South Region                  Regional VP: Nicole Jordan
Medium Green:  Central Region              Regional VP: Connie Simonnet
Gray:                  Plains Region                  Regional VP: Max Peterson
Sea Green:         Northwest Region         Regional VP: Vacant

Green:                Pacific Region                 Regional VP: Dr. Giles Waines, 
Orange-Red:      SW Mountains Region  Regional VP: Brad Bittorf
Yellow:               South Central Region    Regional VP:Nicole Jordan

International Lilac Society Canada Regions map
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Red:              Western Canada Region    Regional VP: 
Bruce Peart
Light Gray:  Eastern Canada Region       Regional VP: Frank Moro

International Lilac Society World Regions Map
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          Europe, Australia, Africa       Regional VP: Elke Haase
Orange:                Asia                                          Regional VP: Tatiana Poliakova

Brown:                  Central/South America       Regional VP: Brad Bittorf (acting)
Blue:                      US                                            (see other maps above)

Red:                       Canada                                    (see other maps above)