Regions and VP

The International Lilac Society has membership regions. Regions may hold their own events to promote lilacs. Each region has a regional vice president to assist with questions, issues, and to be a point of contact for each member.

Maps of the regions and points of contact for each of them are shown below.

International Lilac Society-United States map region

International Lilac Society United States Regions Map

Purple: New England Region Regional VP: Jack Alexander
Pink: Atlantic Region Regional VP: [Vacant]
Blue: South Region Regional VP: Nicole Jordan
Medium Green: Central Region Regional VP: Connie Simonnet
Gray: Plains Region Regional VP: Max Peterson
Sea Green: Northwest Region Regional VP: vacant
Green: Pacific Region Regional VP: Giles Waines
Orange-Red: SW Mountains Region Regional VP: Brad Bittorf
Yellow: South Central Region Regional VP: Nicole Jordan
International Lilac Society-Canada map region

International Lilac Society Canada Regions map

Light Gray: Eastern Canada Region Regional VP: [Vacant]
Red: Western Canada Region Regional VP: Bruce Peart
International Lilac Society-World map region

International Lilac Society World Regions Map

Purple: Europe, Australia, Africa Regional VP: Elke Haase
Orange: Asia Regional VP: Tatiana Poliakova
Brown: Central/South America Regional VP: Brad Bittorf (acting)
Blue: United States (See other maps above)
Red: Canada (See other maps above)