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lilac bullet Receive the quarterly journal LILACS, the quality full-color publication of the ILS.

lilac bullet Access to a sortable spreadsheet index of all past quarterly journals, as well as to online versions of all journals.

lilac bullet Receive an annual member directory.

lilac bullet Attend the annual ILS convention held at different gardens and arboreta featuring established lilac collections in bloom (fee for activities).

lilac bullet New members receive PDF versions of two lilac booklets: “Lilacs” by John Alexander, and “Lilacs: A New Hampshire Perspective” by John Bentley, which teach proper lilac culture and maintenance for your lilacs.

lilac bullet Opportunity to obtain rare and hard-to-find lilacs for your garden.

lilac bullet Access to the world’s largest lilac color photo database of over 10,000 pictures and 1400 cultivars.

lilac bullet Access to a sortable spreadsheet version of the Register of lilac cultivar names, maintained by the ILS, allowing searches for whatever information you need.

lilac bullet Obtain available publications about lilacs at discount prices.

lilac bullet Participate in the ILS Robin email Chat.

lilac bullet Access to articles on lilacs published by other organizations.

lilac bullet Access to a list of lilac events around the world.

lilac bullet Access to a list of lilac collections and gardens around the world.

lilac bullet Access to links for lilac specialty sellers.

lilac bullet Commercial members can be listed on the ILS Retail and Wholesale website pages.

lilac bullet Eligible to vote for ILS members of the Board of Directors and annual business.

lilac bullet Receive results of ILS-funded research or authorized benefits.

2020 ILS Lilac Photo & Color Database DVD_001

Announcing the 2020 ILS Lilac Photo & Color Database!

The ILS Board has approved the sale of the second, revised, massively updated 2020 ILS Lilac Photo and Color Database. It is available immediately for order in DVD or USB-A flash drive formats only.
(Left: Lilac DVD cover)

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