2015 ILS Convention Update

The 2015 ILS Convention was held May 21-23, 2015 in Mascouche, Quebec.

Results of 2015 ILS “Lilac Popularity Poll”

During the 2015 ILS convention, a poll was taken to determine participants' favorite lilacs. Note that lilacs rated as favorites vary somewhat from year to year as different people attend and as members see lilacs in bloom at the local site. There were votes for 75 different lilacs.

The top five 2015 results are:

  1. ‘Krasavitsa Moskvy, S. vulgaris (BEAUTY OF MOSCOW)
  2. ‘Znamya Lenina’, S. vulgaris (BANNER OF LENIN)
  3. 'Sensation’, S. vulgaris
  4. ‘Wedgwood Blue’, S. vulgaris
  5. Tied for 5th place:
  • ' Lucie Baltet’, S. vulgaris
  • ‘Congo’, S. vulgaris
  • Monge’, S. vulgaris

Also receiving multiple votes:

  • ‘Frederick Law Olmsted’, S. vulgaris
  • ‘President Lincoln’, S. vulgaris
  • ‘Maiden's Blush’, S. ×hyacinthiflora
  • ‘Mme Lemoine’, S. vulgaris\
  • ‘Lilac Sunday’, S. ×chinensis
  • ‘Miss Kim’, S. pubescens subsp. patula
  • ‘Rochester’, S. vulgaris
  • ‘Miss Canada’, S. (villosae group)
  • ‘Margaret Fenicchia’, S. vulgaris
  • ‘Pocahontas’, S. ×hyacinthiflora
  • ‘Sister Justina’, S. ×hyacinthiflora
  • ‘Alice Franklin’, S. vulgaris
  • ‘Sweetheart’, S. ×hyacinthiflora
  • ‘Purple Haze’, S. protolaciniata × S. oblata subsp. dilatata
  • ‘George Eastman’, S. pubescens subsp. julianae
  • ‘Zulu’, S. vulgaris
  • ‘Corinne’, S. vulgaris
  • ‘Lila Wonder’, S. vulgaris