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August 12, 2019
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January 9, 2023

Lilac Register is now a Printed Book!

Announcing the availability of the International Lilac Society’s 2021 Edition of the “International Registry and Checklist of Cultivar Names in the Genus Syringa L. (Oleaceae)”!
This is the first print edition in over 20 years, suitable for lilac collectors and hobbyists. It has 3,561 listings from around the world and includes 2,532 unique lilac cultivars. It is now available to order at any bookstore in the world using its title or ISBN number as follow:

  • Hardcover (Case Laminate) ISBN: 9781736293515 for $35
  • Paperback (Perfect Bound) ISBN: 9781736293508 for $25

Here is an example of where both editions may be found: