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    2020 ILS Lilac Photo & Color Database


    Pricing in US Dollars is as follows:
    Members: $35 plus S&H
    Non-Members: $50 plus S&H

    Shipping and Handling:
    USA & Canada: $5
    Other countries: $20

    The ILS Board has approved the sale of the second, revised, and massively updated 2020 ILS Lilac Photo and Color Database. It is available immediately for order in DVD or USB-A flash drive format only.

    The Database has 1,490 cultivars and taxons and 10,864 photos, more than triple any previous database. In addition, all cultivars and taxons are listed in a spreadsheet file with species, hybridizer, year of introduction, flower form, and Wister code. And for the first time in history, more than 99% of them have flower and bud colors listed in digital RGB format with the proper coloring visible in the spreadsheet file. McKelvey/Ridgway color descriptions are included also for those that have such information.

    Accuracy of photos, names, and colors depend on the quality of materials submitted. All were donated specifically for the ILS database and are forbidden to be used elsewhere. The material is copyrighted by the ILS and is forbidden to be reproduced. Lists of photographers and photo locations are included, and each photo’s file name has the cultivar or taxon and photographer, most with dates and/or locations.

    The database will eventually be loaded to the Members-only portion of the website for viewing but not for downloading. If you have any questions about the contents of the DVD, please direct your questions to the Database Editor, Mark L. DeBard, at: